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"Mr Méliès" was created and designed to provide a portable wireless device to allow you to visualize Computer Generated elements in the real world in real timeCGI Characters will come to life and be shown on your set full size; set design will be easier as you can now depict it on your stage before you build it, camera action can be blocked out too.


"Mr Méliès"  is constructed of Aluminum Alloy and Carbon Fibre for strength, yet it is lightweight for ease of use. The high resolution viewing screen can be adjusted by the user via simple controls to orient the screen to the viewer. Battery life is about 3 hours plus they are “hot swappable” to provide continuous use.


Others uses are in Architecture, Automotive Design, General Industry and many others. 


"Mr Méliès" is based on patented SolidTrack® Technology, a markerless optical camera tracking system where no motion capture cameras or motion capture system is needed !


With its small compact size and easy tracking system, you may use Mr Méliès in your office, at your clients workplace, on a dstage or almost anywhere. 



We created a special Motionbuilder (2015) plug-in that allows you to access many features that built-in to "Mr Méliés


The device offers two main modes:


VR (Virtual Reality) - to display and frame virtual sets

AR (Augmented Reality) - to display and frame virtual assets and animations in the real world


Coming soon: Unity5® plug-in!

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